bucky must have talked to that girl for hours; listing all the good things he thinks about steve rogers

#he talked her fucking ear off

watching troy baker do the joel voice is really bizarre because that voice is way too deep to fit his face

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Reblog if you want a “why are you so…” in your ask.


animated hoodies! 8’)

[Alpha kids]

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A perfect gif if there ever was one.

i’m very proud of it

the last perfect gif i made was this

and then there was this one

i think i should make gifs more often

the winter soldier dvd rip finally leaked online

lordzalzabar asked: "So because of your gif I'll be sitting around the house doing nothing important and all of a sudden I'll think: "Guardians comes out tomorrow" immediately followed by OOGA CHACKA INTENSIFIES and then I'll burst out into "ahh ah ahh ahhh HOOKED ON A FEELING". I'm really glad no one else is home right now..."